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In the Hulu showing of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode In The Driver's Seat, the shot (repeated from an earlier scene) of Turbo Falcon flying to join the Rangers Zord battle with Professor Cog has the Sky Ship deleted in the background. 

In the Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode Emperor Mavro, Sally and Basco can be briefly glimpsed during certain shots in the Rangers first fight with Damaras due to the Gokaiger footage used.

Mortal Kombat X IGN Rewind Theater = Worst...Video...Ever

Mortal Kombat Images

Some renders from the ninth fighting game in the Mortal Kombat series.


Avengers Assembled

The Marvel Cinematic Universe where the adventures of Captain America, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor would lead into the events of The Avengers.

Power Rangers Unadapted

The Super Sentai Series is the name given to the long-running Japanese superhero team genre of shows and are best known as the source material for the American Power Rangers franchise.

Before the adaptation of the Super Sentai series from the 16th series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger onwards, there were these series.

Mortal Kombat Syco Collectibles

Mortal Kombat character statues from Syco Collectibles.

An assassin for Shao Kahn, Jade has earned a reputation as an agile and stealthy warrior.