Doctor Who Fanfic

The Eleventh Doctor pilots the TARDIS through Time and Space as his companion Clara Oswald approaches him. 

"OK, let me get this straight?  You once had a dream you were in Eastenders?"  Clara asked the Doctor while he works on the TARDIS controls. 

"Yeah," the Doctor replied. 

"The TV soap Eastenders?"  Clara asked again. 

Suddenly, before the Doctor could say another word, the TARDIS shook around them.  The Doctor and Clara immediately hold onto the console. 

"Doctor, what was that?" Clara asked the Doctor. 

"Don't worry Clara; I'm sure it's just turbulence," the Doctor replied. 

Suddenly, both the Doctor and Clara black out. 

"Clara?" a concerned Doctor mumbled as he wakes up with a sore head and looks around.  The Doctor then stares at the sight of a deserted looking city with various dead human bodies as well as aliens such as the Blowfish and the vulture-like Shansheeth.  The Doctor also sees the remains of certain enemies like the Daleks and the Cybermen. 

"OK.  This is interesting," the Doctor said to himself. 

After another moment looking around, the Doctor added, "Looks like I'm somewhere in London." 

Then, the Doctor notices the TARDIS is nowhere in sight. 

"Great (!)  Just what I need.  First, a missing Clara.  Now, a missing TARDIS," the Doctor said. 

Before long, the Doctor suddenly notices what looks like gas entering the corpses. 

"The Gelth...Been a long time since we saw each other," the Doctor uttered. 

Before the Doctor knows it, the dead human and alien bodies including Tritovores started to get up from their places as if they were zombies. 

"Right…I guess this my cue to run," the Doctor said to himself again as he runs away from the Gelth zombies. 

During his sprint, the Doctor begins to notice from the corner of his eye glimpses of his previous lives, the ten past incarnations of the Doctor, standing and staring back at him as if they were paintings, each one at different parts of the zombie infested city. 

"O...K...” the Doctor muttered to himself as he continues to run away from the zombies. 

The Doctor soon finds himself seeing a brief glimpse of another incarnation, the one he does not talk about. 

"No..." the Doctor muttered as he quickly stops himself running into another group of zombies blocking his path. 

"Oh boy," the Doctor said to himself as he sprints in a different direction. 

After what seemed like an eternity running and seeing zombies everywhere he went, the Doctor notices multiple zombies surrounding him. 

"Stand back!  I'm armed!" the Doctor gets out his Sonic Screwdriver and points it at the zombies around him. 

"OK?  What do I do?  What do I do?  Ooh," the Doctor said nervously before he smiled as if he was getting excited about his dangerous situation.  He then slapped himself in order to focus on the approaching zombies. 

Suddenly, the Doctor finds himself being literally covered and enveloped by the zombies as he screams his lungs out.  He soon starts to quickly think of Clara and the TARDIS, wondering where they are.  A moment later, the Doctor wakes up screaming on a floor and notices himself unharmed. 

"I'm all right," the Doctor sighed with relief and continued while he straightens his bow tie, "Yeah.  Bow ties are cool!"

The Doctor puts his hand on his head and added, "And fezzes are cool!  Once I get my hands on one that is." 

The Doctor then looks around and sees he is alone in a white room with no sign of Clara. 

"Greetings Doctor," said a voice as the Doctor turns and sees a cloaked hooded man. 

"Welcome to my parlour.  I am the Medium.  Let's just say I am a freelance agent of chaos," said the man before the Doctor could say a word. 

"The Medium.  Interesting choice for a name.  I take it you're not a member of the Pantheon of Discord or the Trickster's Brigade?" the Doctor asked. 

"You could say that," the Medium replied. 

"Uh huh and where's my TARDIS and Clara?" the Doctor demanded again. 

"Don't worry, both your TARDIS and your girlfriend are safe for now," said the Medium. 

As the Doctor gave him a look, the Medium then continued.  "No wait.  Don't tell me.  She's a girl and a friend, but not a girlfriend?  Yeah (!)  Keep telling yourself that." 

"And that whole Gelth thing was for fun?" the Doctor asked another question. 

"Bingo," the Medium replied before he continued, "Oh, check out this neat little trick." 

The Medium takes a deep breath. 

"I can see into your memories Doctor, even the friends and foes you have made in your life," said the Medium as the Doctor starts seeing various visions around the room including Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, River Song, Sarah Jane Smith, Davros, the various versions of the Master and the Weeping Angels, “Not only that, I can see the people whose deaths you were around for.  The ones who died for you, the ones whose deaths you were responsible for..."

"All I did was make a choice, that's all," the Doctor interjected, attempting to justify himself especially when remembering his role in the end of the Last Great Time War. 

"Sure (!)  And don't forget the deaths of the ones you cared about," the Medium said as visions of other people appear.  By the time a glimpse of Amy and Rory is seen, the Medium continued, "Especially..."

"Leave them out of this!" the Doctor scolded the Medium while remembering the painful loss of Amy and Rory that had preyed on his mind in the past. 

"How long will it be until your precious impossible girl Clara ends up dying on you?" the Medium taunted. 

"It will not come to that," the Doctor said. 

"Uh huh.  Tell that to the other versions of Clara," said the Medium. 

The Doctor continued to stand silently while thinking about his previous encounters with the Dalek and the Victorian nanny Clara. 

"Admit it Doctor.  Based on some of the visions I've seen, you're as bad as all your enemies combined.  If it weren't for those bright and shining companions over the years, you would have had the guts to do whatever you want, like preventing the deaths of certain people you care about,"  The Medium added. 

"Well that's interesting." the Medium continued, "I can see you having an interesting future.  Until the day you reach Trenzalore." 

"What?" asked the Doctor curiously. 

"Too bad it's all fuzzy,"  The Medium added. 

The Doctor then finds himself seeing his previous incarnations again who voicelessly speak to him, unbeknown to the Medium.  As soon as the Doctor gives a look of realization, the incarnations nods their heads. 

"Oh guess what?" the Doctor called out, “I just worked out that all of this since the whole Gelth thing is all in my mind." 

"What the...?" said a befuddled Medium. 

"Wanna know how I worked all that out?  I've been seeing my past lives around.  Probably my subconscious mind's way of getting me to fight for my life or something," a proud Doctor said. 

After seeing the Medium stare at him for a moment, the Doctor continued, "That and I would bet a Jammie Dodger that Clara and the TARDIS are safe and sound.  Oh, another thing.  There's something about you that I can't seem to put my finger on.  Are you wearing some kind of perception filter?" 

Ignoring the Doctor's question, the Medium said, "To quote your Dalek friends.  Exterminate!" The Medium suddenly points what looks like a Laser Screwdriver towards the Doctor. 

The Doctor then quickly gets out his Sonic Screwdriver and points it at the Medium.  After he presses the Screwdriver's button, the Doctor shouted out, "Geronimo!" 

At that moment, the Laser Screwdriver explodes as a bright light engulfs both the Doctor and the Medium. 

"Of course.  You were the Master..." the Doctor muttered as he thinks of the Medium being the 'Harold Saxon' version of the Master from his subconscious before blacking out. 

The Doctor soon gets up on the TARDIS floor while his recent experience starts fading away from his memories.  Meanwhile, Clara also gets up from the TARDIS floor. 

"Doctor, what just happened?" Clara asked. 

"I'm not sure," the Doctor replied. 

The Doctor then takes a deep breath, shakes his head and changes the subject. 

"Oh Clara?  Are you in the mood for adventures?" the Doctor inquired. 

Unbeknown to everyone, flying in the distance is a future version of the TARDIS piloted by the Doctor's next regenerated form, the Twelfth incarnation. 

"Hmm, interesting," the Twelfth Doctor said, as he vaguely remembers a cult-like group whose sole purpose is to defeat the Doctor in the Master's name.  Additionally, the group created their own Pandorica-like prison where a prisoner's memories are used against them, dubbed the Dark Dimension.  Based on other Dark Dimensions and having the side effect of somehow affecting memories of anyone exposed to it in any way, the prison was used to trap the Eleventh Doctor and Clara. 

The older Time Lord also remembers that he defeated the group and destroyed their Dark Dimension at their base which eventually led to "Number Eleven's" escape until the memories fade away completely.  Like his past lives before him and his future selves yet to come, the Doctor then moves on to his next adventure.


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