A Step into the Past

A Power Rangers Super Megaforce Fanfic

In Harwood, a three headed worm type alien wanders around. 

Alien:  "You're not fit to be a Commander of the Armada" they said.  I'll show them.  I'll prove myself to Damaras!  The Prince!  No better yet!  The Emperor!  Or my name isn't Tridok. 

Tridok, with the aid of a device, sees the Megaforce Rangers, Troy, Noah, Gia, Jake and Emma finish their class with Mr Burley. 

Gia:  Hey.  If you guys could go back in time, where would you go and why? 

Emma:  Easy.  I would definitely go back to when the Earth was beautiful, before things like pollution came along. 

Noah:  I would go back and meet Einstein. 

Everyone looks at Noah. 

Noah:  Come on.  Who wouldn't want to do that? 

Tridok:  Just you wait everyone.  I have a great plan in mind. 

Meanwhile, in Gosei's Command Center, Tensou looks at one of the consoles. 

Tensou:  Oh boy, oh boy! 

Gosei:  What is it Tensou? 

Tensou:  I've just bumped into another firewall in the Messenger's memory files.  I don't know if I could handle this again. 

Gosei:  Don't worry Tensou.  If you managed to get through the previous firewalls before, you can do it again. 

Tensou:  Yeah.  You're right. 

Gosei:  Remember, we need all the information about the Armada the Rangers can get.  Especially any member we need to watch out for. 

Suddenly, Gosei and Tensou hear the alarm. 

Tensou:  What? 

Gosei:  Tensou.  Contact the Rangers immediately. 

In the city, Tridok runs away from a building. 

Tridok:  Hah!  Stealing this meteorite crystal from the Science Convention was easy peasy.  Now I can complete my greatest invention. 

Tridok quickly implants the crystal into a hand held device. 

Tridok:  With this, I shall complete my plan. 

Voice:  We'll see about that monster. 

Tridok stops and sees the five unmorphed Megaforce Rangers in front of him. 

Tridok:  You...! 

Troy:  Let's do this guys! 

The Rangers get out their Gosei Morphers and Power Cards. 

Rangers:  It's Morphin Time!  Go Go Megaforce! 

The Rangers morph and proceed to fight Tridok. 

Rangers:  Earth's Defenders Never Surrender! 

Tridok:  XBorgs! 

XBorgs appear from out of nowhere and fight the Rangers themselves. 

Tridok:  Luckily I got my own legion of XBorgs for a situation like this. 

Tridok runs away while the Rangers continue to fight off the XBorgs. 

Gia:  What?  He's running away? 

Jake:  That's one strange monster. 

Tridok runs towards the warehouse district. 

Tridok:  Now I can proceed with my plan. 

Noah:  There he is! 

Tridok sees the Rangers appear from another direction. 

Tridok:  What? 

Emma:  Nice try with the XBorgs, but you're not getting away that easily. 

Tridok:  Wanna bet?  XBorgs! 

Suddenly, XBorgs appear again to face the Rangers. 

Gia:  Again? 

Troy:  Stay focused Rangers!  Don't let this get to you! 

Jake:  Yeah! 

The Rangers fight the XBorgs as Gia manages to get to Tridok. 

Gia:  Take this! 

Gia spin kicks Tridok onto the ground. 

Tridok:  XBorgs!  Bruisers!  Protect me! 

XBorgs appear and fight Gia. 

Emma:  Gia!  Watch out! 

Suddenly, an unmorphed Orion appears and does a jump kick on a Bruiser just as they were about to hit Gia. 

Gia:  Thanks Orion! 

Orion:  No problem. 

The other Rangers get to Orion and Gia. 

Orion:  Sorry I'm late guys.  I had my hands full at Ernie's. 

Jake:  Well, better late than never. 

The Rangers see Tridok having a temper tantrum. 

Tridok:  No fair! 

Troy:  All right, it's time to power up! 

The Rangers get out their Legendary Morphers and Ranger Keys while Orion gets out his own Morpher and Ranger Key. 

Rangers:  Super Mega Mode! 

The six Rangers then morph into the Super Megaforce. 

Tridok:  XBorgs attack! 

The Rangers fight the XBorgs. 

Jake:  Just how many XBorgs does this monster have? 

Emma:  Yeah. 

Troy:  No matter how many there are, we'll still beat them. 

The Rangers quickly manage to defeat the XBorgs and confront Tridok. 

Gia:  No more XBorgs for you to hide behind. 

Tridok:  Hmph!  Looks like I'll have to do this myself. 

Tridok blasts an energy ball from his mouth and knocks down the Rangers. 

Orion:  That really packed a punch. 

Tridok does a little dance in celebration. 

Tridok:  Oh yeah. 

Gia:  I say we go Legendary! 

Troy:  Good idea. 

The Rangers get out the Overdrive Ranger Keys and Legendary Morphers. 

Rangers:  Legendary Ranger Mode!  Overdrive Accelerate! 

The Rangers turn into the Operation Overdrive Rangers. 

Rangers:  Drive Defenders! 

Orion:  Drive Detector! 

The Rangers fire their weapons at Tridok, who is knocked away. 

Tridok:  No way. 

Gia:  Let's finish this! 

Suddenly, as the Rangers demorph from Legendary Mode, Tridok's device starts to glow. 

Tridok:  Oh no.  My time device. 

Troy:  Time device? 

The time device then produces what looks like lightning strikes. 

Gia:  Emma, watch out! 

Gia pushes Emma away from one of the lightning strikes as she and Tridok are hit by it and disappear. 

Emma:  Gia! 

Elsewhere, at some kind of time tunnel, Gia and Tridok float around as they each see glimpses of their own pasts.  Gia sees her life from how she became friends with Emma to the day they became the Megaforce Rangers while Tridok sees his recent meeting with Damaras and Prince Vekar. 

Damaras:  Propaganda? 

Tridok:  Yeah.  All we have to do is convince the humans that they are better off with the Armada as their rulers. 

Vekar:  That...is the most ridiculous plan I've ever heard! 

Tridok then sees Prince Vekar scolding him for what seemed like an eternity.  Soon, Gia and Tridok land on the ground. 

Tridok:  Whoa!  Where am I? 

Tridok looks at his device. 

Tridok:  What?  No!  I'm in the wrong time period.  I was supposed to go way back to before the Armada and those Warstar Insectoids came to Earth and warn them about the Power Rangers. 

Gia gets up and looks around. 

Gia:  Guys?  Where are you? 

Tridok:  You!  It's you Rangers' fault the time device didn't send me to where I wanted to go. 

Gia:  What? 

Tridok, in his frustation, fights Gia.  After a while, Gia manages to hit Tridok's time device and they disappear again before they knew it.  Unbeknown to them, the five Megaforce Rangers of the past are nearby as they run. 

Troy:  Time to go Ultra! 

The Rangers get out their Ultra Swords. 

Rangers:  Ultra Mode! 

The Rangers then find themselves not morphed into Ultra Mode. 

Noah:  What? 

Gosei contacts the Rangers. 

Gosei:  Rangers.  It seems that someone has taken the liberty of blocking your Ultra Mode. 

Tensou:  Unfortunately, this isn't like how Malkor had your elemental powers blocked, so I'm not sure if we'll be able to fix this in time. 

Gia:  I wouldn't be surprised if it was Vrak. 

Troy:  Well.  It looks like we'll have to beat Malkor with or without Ultra Mode. 

In the present day, Gosei gets in touch with the remaining Super Megaforce Rangers. 

Gosei:  Rangers!  Gia and the monster has just appeared at a construction area. 

Tensou:  I'm giving you the co-ordinates now. 

Noah:  Right.  We're on our way! 

The Rangers then get to the area as Gia and Tridok continue their fight. 

Gia:  Guys! 

Gia knocks Tridok away. 

Emma:  Gia!  You're all right! 

Jake:  All right! 

Gia:  Am I glad to see you. 

Tridok gets up as the time device produces a small explosion. 

Tridok:  No!  The time device!  That's it!  It's time you Rangers get a taste of my favourite weapon. 

Tridok gets out a bazooka type weapon. 

Gia:  Time to go Legendary! 

Orion:  Sounds like a plan. 

Rangers:  Legendary Ranger Mode!  Time for Time Force! 

After turning into the Time Force Rangers, the six Super Megaforce Rangers run towards Tridok. 

Orion:  Quantum Defender! 

Rangers:  Chrono Sabers! 

The Rangers dash through Tridok and slash him with their weapons.  Finally, Troy destroys Tridok's weapon and knocks him away.  They then see Tridok on the ground with what's left of his weapon. 

Tridok:  No, my favourite weapon. 

The Rangers demorph back to Super Mega. 

Gia:  Let's finish this! 

Orion:  Yeah. 

Orion gets out the Gold Key and Morpher. 

Orion:  Super Mega Gold! 

Orion turns into his Super Megaforce Gold form while the other Rangers ready their weapons. 

Troy:  All together now! 

Orion:  Legendary Final Strike!  Super Silver Spear!  Power of Six unite! 

Orion, with the aid of the Sixth Ranger powers, blasts and strikes Tridok. 

Rangers:  Final Strike!  Super Mega Saber Blast! 

The five Rangers' combined blast from their Super Mega Blasters and Super Mega Sabers hits Tridok. 

Tridok:  What a way to go! 

Tridok then disappears in a huge explosion. 

Gia:  Super Mega Rangers!  That was a Super Mega win! 

At Gosei's Command Center, Tensou rolls around in joy. 

Tensou:  All right!  They did it! 

Gosei:  Yes they did Tensou.  Yes they did. 

Suddenly, various brief images appear on the consoles. 

Tensou:  Huh?  What's going on? 

Gosei:  I believe this is from the energy of the monster's time device. 

Tensou:  Gosei.  Did you just see that? 

Gosei:  Yes Tensou.  I believe we are seeing glimpses of the future. 

Gosei and Tensou see glimpses of a battle involving the Legendary Power Rangers of the past, one of which include the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger fighting XBorgs while nearby, the Alien and Ninja Storm Rangers combine forces against another XBorg group.  They also see a new Dinosaur based Ranger team.  A moment later, Gosei and Tensou see a flash. 

Tensou:  Uh Gosei?  What were we doing just now? 

Gosei:  I admit I'm unsure.  But, I believe you were going to resume work on the Messenger's memory files now that the Rangers defeated the monster. 

Tensou:  Oh yeah.  I'll get on it right away. 

Gosei and Tensou, apparently having no memory of seeing the glimpses of the future, get on with their work. 


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