Random Fanfics

Power Rangers Fanfic

In another plane of existence comprising of Power Rangers that never came to be, a dark version of the Super Samurai Red Ranger battles with both a Megaforce Green Ranger and a hybrid Super Megaforce Red and Green Ranger in an arena ring.  Meanwhile, many other Power Rangers that never came to be cheer loudly at the fight.  Suddenly, the navy coloured Dino Charge Talon Ranger appears on his own motorcycle.

Talon Ranger:  Make way for the coolest Ranger that never came to be!

After the Talon Ranger uses his boomerang weapon on his opponents, a female version of the Dino Charge Aqua Ranger jumps into the ring.

Aqua Ranger (Female):  Dino Morpher Blast!

The Aqua Ranger fires at the Talon Ranger as the latter is knocked through some kind of rift.  After recovering, the Talon Ranger sees certain old enemies of the Power Rangers together in some kind of bar.

Vrak:  Admit it, Vekar!  If you had led an army into battle, you would have hid behind some rock at the first opportune moment.

Prince Vekar:  What?!

Vrak:  If I had led an army, I would have gotten the best soldiers possible.

Vrak imagines what his army would have been like, some of which include a double-faced Minotaur-like monster and clones of himself in various forms, before getting back to the subject.

Vrak:  And I would have shown no mercy to the enemy.  Just like Father would have.

Emperor Mavro:  Why thank you, Vrak.

Vrak:  You're welcome, Father.

Prince Vekar turns to Emperor Mavro.

Prince Vekar:  Admit it, Father!  You've always favoured Vrak!

Emperor Mavro:  Umm...Well...Oh, look at that!

Emperor Mavro, Prince Vekar and Vrak look at Fury skulking and drinking a lot of milk at the bar.

Fury:  I still can't believe I was destroyed...by a bomb!

Singe:  Oh, will you please give it a rest?  You're making my headache worse than usual.

Fury gets out his sword.

Fury:  That's it!  Prepare to be obliterated!

Singe gets out his own sword.

Singe:  Not if I obliterate you first, kibble breath.

Fury and Singe then clash swords as the other villains start chanting, "fight," while the Talon Ranger continues to look on.

Talon Ranger:  Gotta love it when the bad guys fight each other.

The Talon Ranger soon walks back through the rift he came from and sees a Green Ranger from the Legendary Squadron team conjuring illusions of many Rangers in front of a dark version of the Ninja Storm Red Wind Ranger.

Green Squadron Ranger:  Haven't been this excited since I conjured these Rangers during the Legendary Battle.  Who needs the powers of fire, gravity, time and wind when you have this?

The Talon Ranger then sees the Green Squadron Ranger and the dark Red Wind Ranger fighting to the very end.


Star Trek Fanfic

Some time in a distant future on an alien world, a couple of jelly blob-like aliens look at a view screen containing footage of 24th century Starfleet officers, Commander Riker and Counselor Troi in their Enterprise-D days.

Alien 1:  Umm, is it me or do they look a bit...older?

Alien 2:  Well, I had to make do with what resources I had after what happened with all our Federation archives during the disaster.

Alien 1:  Uh huh... Meh.  I guess that's about as close as we can get to what happened around that time.  The Federation Historical Society will have to make do with it.  Just like they did with certain Kirk missions.

The Aliens continue to watch the footage including the holographic versions of Captain Archer and his Enterprise crew from the 22nd century.

Alien 1:  You know, I've heard interesting rumours about what really happened to that Commander Tucker guy.

Alien 2:  Really?  What were those rumours?

Alien 1:  Well...


Street Fighter V Extra Fanfic(s)

Extra 1
On their way to the Shadaloo base, Rashid and Azam see many Shadaloo soldiers in front of them.

Rashid:  Aww man!

Azam:  Master.  I will take care of the soldiers.

Azam prepares himself for a fight with the soldiers while Rashid looks at Azam before going to the base.

Extra 2
Across the world, certain Street Fighter characters watch the news about the Black Moons, from the likes of E. Honda and Hakan to Dudley and his butler, Mr. Gotch.

Dudley:  Oh my...

Extra 3
In the Shadaloo base, Karin, Shibasaki, Rainbow Mika and Ibuki reach the control room as many soldiers appear.

Karin:  Ibuki!  Mika!  Take care of those soldiers and get to safety!  I can take it from here.  You too, Shibasaki.

Shibasaki:  Yes, Miss Karin.

As R. Mika and Ibuki fight the soldiers while protecting Shibasaki, Karin heads for the control room door.  Later, Shibasaki manages to get out of the base as Mika and Ibuki continue to use their respective wrestling and ninja skills on their enemies.

Extra 4
As Chun-Li battles with F.A.N.G, Guile notices some of the injured Kanzuki ninjas struggling to get up following their failed attack on Bison and goes to help them.

Guile:  Are you alright?

After the ninjas nod, Guile then sees several masked Shadaloo troopers appearing while Ryu looks on.  Guile points his finger to the direction he, Ryu and Chun-Li came from.

Guile:  Go!  That should be your way out!

Guile turns to Ryu while the Kanzuki ninjas obey Guile's orders.

Guile:  I've got these guys, Ryu.

Guile proceeds to fight the masked soldiers.  Meanwhile, in the control room.

Azam:  Master!

After acting as a diversion for many soldiers in the base, Azam goes to help an injured Rashid, who had just saved the world from the Black Moons.

Family Guy Fanfic

Stewie:  I have you now, Susie Swanson.

After sneaking into the Swanson house, Stewie Griffin sees Susie watching the end of Star Wars alone.

Obi-Wan Kenobi:  Remember, the Force will be with you...always.

Susie (Inner monologue):  I can't wait to see the next one with Boba Fett in action.

Stewie soon jumps towards Susie in order to beat her up, only for the baby girl to repeatedly hit him.  After blacking out, Stewie starts to see various strange visions.  The first vision Stewie sees is the white coloured Dalek Supreme overseeing a battle between the Dalek Paradigm and the older versions of the Daleks in a spaceship.  He also sees the Dalek Eternal working on a new progenitor device while the Dalek Scientist and Strategist work on new weapons for the Dalek Drones.  Suddenly, some older bronze Daleks manage to break into the ship.

Dalek:  Exterminate!

The different Daleks start shooting at each other as Stewie gets out of his vision.

Stewie:  That was interesting.

Stewie sees another vision involving Stan Smith singing the American Dad theme in front of his family.

Stewie:  OK.

Later on in the vision, Stewie ends up witnessing his sister Meg Griffin in a passionate embrace with Hayley Smith.

Stewie:  What the deuce?

The next vision Stewie looks at is a meeting between the Mondasian and parallel world Cybus Cybermen before seeing a group of teenagers getting involved with a Weeping Angel civil war.

Stewie:  Hmm, interesting.

Stewie witnesses many more strange things such as the My Little Pony and Equestria Girls worlds crossing over, a battle involving video game characters including Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and an army of Pokémon led by Pikachu and himself stabbing his mother Lois Griffin to death.

Stewie:  Die Lois Die!

Soon, after seeing his father Peter Griffin and his brother Chris Griffin track down and beat up an online bully known as The Living Angelus, Stewie sees Brian Griffin fighting another dog called Vinny in Quahog, similar to the fight between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken.

Brian:  Stay the hell away from my family you son of a B****!

Vinny:  F*** you!

By the time the battle leads to Vinny seemingly about to kill Brian, Stewie suddenly wakes up screaming in front of Susie.

Stewie:  Brian!  Brian!

Stewie then runs back to the Griffin house and sees Brian watching the TV.

Stewie:  Brian!

With tears of joy in his eyes and relieved that his friend looks fine, Stewie hugs a confused Brian.

Brian:  Umm...OK...?

Suddenly, Vinny appears to Stewie and Brian.

Vinny:  Hey, Brian.  Hey, Stewie.

Remembering Vinny from his last vision, Stewie starts to scream out loud.


Mortal Kombat Dark Destiny

Based upon the storylines set between Mortal Kombat: Deception and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

Street Fighter III: Storylines

The stories based on the Street Fighter III series.  In the time following Seth's tournament and the fall of Shadaloo, many old and new warriors face each other during and after a new tournament hosted by the Illuminati leader known as Gill. 

Street Fighter IV: Storylines

Following the tournament hosted by M. Bison, the Street Fighters face a new threat from Shadaloo's weapon division S.I.N. lead by Seth. 

Gokaiger Special Guests

The special guest stars of the 35th Anniversary series of the Super Sentai franchise, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.