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Power Rangers Fanfic

Troy (Red)
Emma (Pink)
Jake (Black/Green)
Gia (Yellow)
Noah (Blue)
Orion (Silver)

Running in a park and on his way to join the Megaforce Rangers battle with a horde of X-Borgs, Orion sees several more X-Borgs and Bruisers in his way. 

Bruisers:  Get him! 

Orion gets out his Morpher. 

Orion:  Super Mega Mode! 

Orion morphs and fights the X-Borgs.  Meanwhile, in a quarry, the Megaforce Rangers, Troy, Noah, Jake, Gia and Emma battle the X-Borgs and Bruisers in their Super Mega Mode. 

Gia/Noah:  Super Mega Sabers! 

Emma/Jake:  Super Mega Blasters! 

The Rangers see more X-Borgs appear. 

Troy:  All right Rangers.  Let’s turn the tide of battle, Alien Ranger style. 

The Rangers get out their Morphers. 

Rangers:  Legendary Ranger Mode!  It’s Morphin Time! 

The Rangers turn into the Alien Rangers of Aquitar before fighting the X-Borgs with their weapons.  At the park, Orion continues his fight. 

Orion:  All right, you X-Borgs asked for this. 

Orion gets out his Morpher again. 

Orion:  Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode!  Ninja Storm! 

Orion turns into the Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger as he uses his weapon on some X-Borgs.  Back at the quarry, the Rangers defeat the X-Borgs as a couple of Bruisers appear before them. 

Troy:  And for our next trick. 

The Rangers morph again. 

Rangers:  Legendary Ranger Mode!  Lightspeed Rescue! 

The Rangers turn into the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers as the Bruisers fire at them.  After a few seconds, the Rangers leap through the explosion. 

Rangers:  V-Lancers! 

Troy, Noah and Jake dash attack the Bruisers.  Finally, Gia and Emma take out the Bruisers with several slashes. 

Emma:  Got them! 

The Rangers turn back into Super Mega Mode. 

Gia:  Score another one for the good guys! 

Suddenly, the Rangers are struck by a blast and are knocked into their normal Megaforce Ranger form. 

Troy:  What? 

The Rangers see some familiar faces. 

Emma:  Creepox…Malkor…

Jake:  Biggs…Bluefur…

Noah:  Metal Alice…the Messenger…

Gia:  And some Loogies…

The old monsters ready themselves and charge at the Rangers.  Back at the park, Orion finishes off the Bruisers with a fire attack from the Samurai Saber weapon before morphing back. 

Voice:  Well done! 

Orion sees a red armoured pirate-like monster and a silver armoured monkey-like monster appear. 

Orion:  Who are you? 

Monster 1:  Barron’s the name and this is Monkey.  Right now, we are here to play with you while your friends are spending time with my phantoms. 

Orion:  What? 

Barron:  Monkey…

Monkey begins to fight Orion. 

Jake:  Whoa! 

The Rangers struggle to fight the old monsters, even with their Megaforce weapons. 

Jake:  I hate to admit this, but these guys are really tough together. 

Emma:  Yeah.  Even though there’s something not right about them. 

Noah:  I wonder where Orion is.  He should be here by now. 

Gosei:  Rangers, Orion has just been ambushed by two monsters.  He will need assistance. 

Troy:  Got it Gosei.  Hang on Orion! 

Rangers:  Earth’s defenders never surrender! 

Soon, the Megaforce Rangers get the upper hand on the monsters. 

Troy:  Let’s bring them together! 

The Rangers combine their weapons. 

Rangers:  Megaforce Blaster!  Dynamic Victory Charge! 

The Rangers blast Malkor and the others as they explode.  Elsewhere, at the park, Orion struggles to fight Monkey, who is armed with a pair of cymbals. 

Orion:  Legendary Sixth Ranger Mode!  Mystic Force! 

Orion turns into the Mystic Force Solaris Knight and jumps into the air. 

Orion:  Laser Lamp! 

Orion fights Monkey until he kicks the monster away. 

Barron:  Looks like it’s my turn. 

Barron quickly dash attacks Orion, knocking him out of Legendary Mode. 

Orion:  No…

Barron:  Time to walk the plank. 

Suddenly, Barron is blasted by the other Rangers in Super Mega Mode. 

Troy:  Not on our watch. 

Orion:  Guys! 

Emma:  Are you alright Orion? 

Orion:  Yeah! 

Orion gets to the Rangers while Monkey gets to a recovering Barron. 

Orion:  Watch out!  This monster is crazy strong! 

Jake:  Seriously? 

Barron:  I see you Rangers survived my phantoms, even after all those X-Borgs. 

Troy:  They may have fought like our old enemies, but they were more like pale imitations in the end. 

Gia:  Now it’s your turn to walk the plank. 

Barron:  Enough talk.  Let’s play. 

Troy:  Let’s go Legendary, guys! 

The Rangers gets out their Morphers. 

Rangers:  Legendary Ranger Mode!  Let’s Rocket! 

The Rangers turn into the Power Rangers in Space. 

Barron:  Monkey…

Monkey jumps towards the Rangers as they leap away. 

Rangers:  Galaxy Gliders!  Hang Ten! 

The Rangers fly towards Monkey and Barron.  After they land on the ground, Troy and Orion run towards Barron. 

Troy:  Let’s double team him! 

Orion:  I got your back Troy. 

Noah:  Astro Axe! 

Jake:  Lunar Lance! 

Noah and Jake fight Monkey with the Space weapons. 

Gia/Emma:  Astro Blaster! 

Gia and Emma fire at Monkey.  Meanwhile, Barron fights Troy with his saber and blaster until he sees Orion. 

Orion:  Super Silverizer! 

Barron grabs Orion’s wrist just as he was about to strike the monster. 

Orion:  No way! 

Troy:  Spiral Saber Booster Mode! 

Tory attempts to jump blast Barron from behind.  Barron glows red and blasts Troy and Orion, knocking them out of Legendary Mode.  Meanwhile, Jake continues his attack on Monkey until he manages to lift the monster with the Lunar Lance. 

Jake:  Go for it girls! 

Gia:  Star Slinger! 

Emma:  Satellite Stunner! 

After Gia and Emma blast Monkey, Jake throws the monster away. 

Rangers:  Quadroblaster! 

Noah, Jake, Gia and Emma aim the Quadroblaster at Monkey. 

Rangers:  Fire! 

Monkey is blasted away and lands by Barron’s side. 

Barron:  Monkey! 

Troy:  Now’s our chance! 

Orion:  Okay! 

Orion readies his Blaster with his Ranger Key. 

Troy:  Super Mega Blast! 

Troy combines his Saber Blast with Orion’s Blaster finisher as Barron does a combined blaster/saber finisher with his weapons.  Suddenly, Barron sees his finisher destroyed by the Rangers' blast. 

Barron:  What? 

A second later, Barron is hit by Troy and Orion’s blast and disappears in a shower of sparks along with Monkey.  The other Rangers, after turning back to Super Mega Mode, get to Troy and Orion. 

Noah:  To quote certain Legendary Rangers, Morphinomenal! 

Troy:  Super Mega Rangers.  That’s a Super Mega win! 


Power Rangers Unadapted

Before the adaptation of the Super Sentai series into the Power Rangers series from the 16th series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger onwards, there were these series.

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